Few tips to make your casino experience a wholesome and memorable one.

  • Know who are you playing with:

The casino might be filled up with lots of people both locals and tourists. It is here that you have to be calculative enough to choose the one you are going to play with. Keep in mind that playing with locals will definitely make you loose, because they play daily and you cannot match their mastery. So select tourists like you to play with and increase your chances to make some money.

  • Enjoy the Free Drinks at casinos:

Most Casinos’ offer free drinks to their gamblers, so make use of them. This is definitely going to save you a lot, which you can spend elsewhere.

But be sure to tip the waitress for each drink, so that they come back to you with another drink.

  • Don’t miss out the Circle Bar:

Each and every casino has a circle bar, mostly at the center of the casino. This is a fairly good place to make new friends and have hardcore fun.

  • Pretend to play huge and get offered free stuffs:

You may or may not gamble with a huge sum but at least pretend that you are going to play with some huge cash. This will make the casino offer you some free stuff like a free room, free meal and free tickets. Etc., but don’t get upset if you really don’t get these rewards, you are at least going to be treated like a big shot.

  • Explore the local casinos:

Don’t just stick on to those glamorous huge casinos; there are a lot of cheap casinos downtown that offers you the players delight at really low cost.

  • Combine shopping and gambling the right way:

Many casinos have shopping malls attached exclusively for some shopping sneaks who just can’t wait to spend the money they won through gambling. The actual idea of the casinos is to make you spend either in the casino games or the shopping area. But some malls do offer products at discounted price that you can purchase for a deal.

If you are planning to go to a casino, keep in mind basic casino etiquette that includes:

  • Avoid carrying electronic items into the casino, which might otherwise be removed by security personnel.
  • See to that you have completed 21 years of age to go gambling.

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